Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 2 NFL Picks

Well my Green Bay over the Seahawks gamble didn't pay off last week. I have a 4-2 record and Loren has a 5-1 record after the first week.

Miami at Buffalo
Derek - Miami. I'm a pessimistic Dolphin fan, but they showed me something last week. The Pats normally crush the Phins and it looked like it was going to happen again. But Miami dominated the second half, running over the Pats D and chasing Brady all around the field.
Loren – Buffalo. I’m going to need to see consistency from Miami before I take them against a team that beat the Bears in Chicago last week. Buffalo’s D will be better than expected and if Manuel can limit turnovers, Miami will have a hard time staying in this game.

New England at Minnesota
Derek - New England. Yes, Loren picked before AP was deactivated. But so did I. The Pats don't lose two in a row and not to Matt Cassel.
Loren – Minnesota. Too many options for a thin New England defense to contain. This feels like a down year for the Pats while the Vikings have young talent, confidence, and can still fall back on AP as needed.

Atlanta at Cincinnati
Derek - Cincinnati. Tough one, but I'm going to go with the team that has a defense. I expect a high scoring game but the Bengals at home should have enough juice to pull out a victory.
Loren – Atlanta. What a match up! If this was played in Atlanta, I wouldn’t think twice about taking the Falcons. But we haven’t seen them play on the road this year and this is a difficult first test. I expect, though, that the Falcons will have the Bengals defense spinning by the end of the game. Who do you cover? Whoever you choose, you’ll eventually get burned.

Detroit at Carolina
Derek - Detroit. Lets see if the Lions O can move against the Panthers D. This is a game of strength against strength and weakness against weakness. I just think the Panthers aren't up to last years standards and they might only score 10 points.
Loren – Detroit. Detroit would not let up against the Giants. If they continue to make use of all their offensive capabilities while being opportunistic on defense, there won’t be a lot of teams that can take them down. Doesn’t figure that a weakened Panthers team would be one of them.

Chicago at San Francisco
Derek - San Francisco. I was thinking the bears would have a great team this year, but after watching the inconsistent plays last week I can't buy into them yet. The 49ers while down on D this year comparatively should still have enough at home to be the Bears by double digits.
Loren – San Francisco. Are there two veteran QBs more inconsistent than Romo and Cutler? At least they’re consistently inconsistent. The 49ers handled Romo last week, I anticipate they’ll be up to the task of limiting Cutler’s chances. I foresee more Cutler pouty bro-face…

Philadelphia at Indianapolis
Derek - Indianapolis. Which team will need to comeback in this game. I'm going with the home team but I expect to see a lot of fire works.
Loren – Indianapolis. It took them a while to get rolling, but Indy’s offense eventually started looking legit against Denver last week. Same goes for Philly, but their efforts were against Jacksonville. I’ll take the team the slugged it out with the Broncos over the team that needed a comeback against the Jags.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Week 1 NFL Picks

Sure the NFL is back, but that just means we're back to blogging and will start our weekly 6 pack of picks. Who will win this year? Me of course.
Green Bay at Seattle
Derek - Green Bay. Yeah! Right off the bat. More of a shot in the dark pick. Do have good reasons? Sure how about Ole Aaron. I might lose this one but I got to pick a dark horse at some point.
Loren – Seattle. Lots of talk about Seattle’s defense declining, the ability of Russell Wilson to grow into an elite QB, Lynch running on dead legs, defending SB champs dropping off a cliff the following year. I’m not buying it. Seattle’s D is as nasty as the players on it, and they’re nasty. Wilson completed 63% for 3,300 and a 29/9 TD/INT ratio last year, and his receiving corps is better. While Lynch may be past his prime (uncertain), I’m considering Seattle one of the best 2014 teams until proven otherwise.

New Orleans at Atlanta
Derek - New Orleans. I think the Falcons will be a good team this year but I think the Saints outscore almost everyone.
Loren – New Orleans. I’m hoping for a barn burner of a game. We might see both QBs throw over 350 yards. But if you had to pick one of these teams to implode and beat themselves, which would it be? Exactly.

Indianapolis at Denver
Derek - Denver. Home team gets the win here. We'll see if the Broncos offense is the same as last year but the Colts minus Luck aren't a good team.
Loren – Denver. I think Indy has a puncher’s chance here. I expect them to be on the better side of mediocre this season, possibly even legitimately good. But opening in Denver against that offense is brutal. The Bronco’s D may actually get some respect this year, too. Not sure this one is even close.

Cincinnati at Baltimore
Derek - Cincinnati. Don't care for the Ravens much and I'm picking the Bengals to win the division. Good place to start.
Loren – Cincinnati. Two middling to decent teams that should be fighting, with a middling to decent Pittsburgh team, for the division crown. That tells you the state of the AFC North. Dalton or Flacco? Bernard or Pierce? Who knows? Who cares? Edge to Cincy’s D.

San Francisco at Dallas
Derek - San Francisco. The Cowboys D is pretty darn bad. I'll take the 49ers by 10. Cap will have his breakout season this year.
Loren – San Francisco. This is a potentially challenging road opening for SF, but this is Dallas. We’re talking about Dallas, man. How silly is that? And we’re talking about Dallas. I’m not shoving it aside like it don’t mean anything. But we’re talking about Dallas.

Washington at Houston
Derek - Houston. I think Houston will make the playoffs this year and They'll start the season off right by beating a happless Washington team.
Loren – Houston. Blame Derek for having this one on the sched. Fitzpatrick is adequate and has more weapons than in previous stops. Houston’s D will be menacing, and their schedule is a cakewalk. Meanwhile, the Oracle of Delphi couldn’t tell you what’s going on with Washington.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Game 6...

I had the pleasure to attend the Blazer vs Rockets game 6. I'm not sure what to say and it's been two full days now. I could write all about the game, the crowd, the lead up...but's all about one play, one second...well almost a second. In that 0.9 My emotions went from a high level distraught to a inability to breath (I'm assuming I shared that with 20,000 other people) to jubilation. 

At this point I with I had taken some film or more pics of that play, but all I have is some pics after wards. See below. This might be the next great Portland memory. On April 23, 2012 I wrote a 1 year annivsary post about Brandon Roy's 23 point comeback against Dallas in the playoffs. It seems like along time ago but it's great to have that feeling again.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl Picks

Well as we wrap up the season Loren gained one game on me last week going 2-0 while I lost the 49er/Seahawk game. 74-37-1 to 54-55-1.

Denver vs Seattle
Derek - Denver. Pure and simple I don't think the Seahawks will score enough points to win the game, Will they hold Denver below their average? I think so but I don't think it'll be enough. I hope for a good one but think we'll see some ugliness in the first half before the Broncos pull away. 
Loren - Denver. How often do you get to pick your home team in the Super  Bowl? By my count, six times in my lifetime. Wow, that makes me feel bad for KC, Philly, the Jets...maybe not that last one. Denver's D had the chance to rest up and get healthy. Good thing, too, since that will decide the game. If they are consistently strong on 3rd down, the offense will have enough chances to score. Denver in an entertaining game but pulling away late. 

As for the Omahas, if you're Peyton Manning, aren't you a little tempted to have someone bet the Omaha line for you? After all, he's in control of the Omahas. I'm pretty sure he could have as many or few as he wants. He could have a friend's cousin's sister-in-law put a few hundred k down and split evenly. I know, ridiculous. But still...

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Conference Championship Week

A nice 4-0 week was one better than Loren. 73-36-1 to 52-55-1.

San Francisco at Seattle
Derek - San Francisco. What am I doing!?!?! Well I think I'm taking the hotter team. And Arizona did show that Seattle can be beaten at home. Plus isn't it an NFL rule that one of the Superbowl teams will have to win every game on the road to get there?
Loren – Seattle. I see Wilson as less mistake prone than Kaepernick, especially when you factor in the stadium and the noise the fans generate. Seattle’s D is consistently good while San Francisco’s comes and goes. Plus, I really want to see an old AFC West matchup in the Super Bowl. Which leads me to…

New England at Denver
Derek - Denver. I've watched the Pats all year and I just don't think they should be in the Superbowl? Something about them doesn't say best team or even elite team this year. I'll have to go with the best team all hear in Denver. 
Loren – Denver. Broncos v. Seahawks! Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Pats beat the Broncos during the season via an improbable second half surge and a complete Denver meltdown. I don’t see that happening again and the home field might make all the difference. Manning has the tools to manage the game effectively against a defense that isn’t nearly as strong as their previous championship runs. Brady will probably make swiss cheese out of a horrible Denver secondary, and I’m getting nauseous thinking about Keenan Allen eating Quentin Jammer’s lunch last week, but will the Pats be able to stop the Broncos at 5,280 feet?

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Not a great week for either of us. I was 2-2 and Loren was 1-3. 69-36-1 to 49-54-1.

New Orleans at Seattle
Derek - Seattle. The Saints will put up a better show than they did the first time they made the trek to the NW, but that still doesn't mean they'll win. Seattle is a heck of a team and as long as they run the ball they'll win.
Loren - Seattle. Too much ball control, a secondary that's too fast and can play man, a line that doesn't leak, and just enough offense means Seattle gets a trip to the NFC title game.  
Indianapolis at New England
Derek - New England. The Colts can't play in the first half like they did last week and expect to win. you can't turn the ball over to the Pats.
Loren - New England. I don't think New England has a title ready team, but they've got enough to take out an inexperienced Indy squad.  

San Francisco at Carolina
Derek - San Francisco. This could be a close low scoring game, but I think the 49ers playoff experience an coaching will be enough to eek out a close one. 
Loren - Carolina. Upset special!  Or more likely just another in a long string of embarrassing picks. Anyway, after seeing SF's D struggle to contain a damaged Packers squad, I like Carolina's chances after an extra week to get ready to host a home game.  
San Diego at Denver
Derek - Denver. The Chargers don't have anything to loose, but the Broncos are by far the better team and have an extra weeks rest/Manning prep time for this one.
Loren  - Denver. Like I'm not going to take Denver? However, the Chargers have the right kind of pass oriented offense to take advantage of Denver's weakness. This could be a nail biter. 

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks

Well Loren picked up 2 games on me the last week of the regular season. 67-34-1 to 48-51-1.

Kansas City at Indianapolis
Derek - Indianapolis. I"m picking Mr. Hyde...or is Dr. Jekyll, well heck I guess that's the point, you don't know who you're getting with the Colts. But I think they have one win in them for the playoffs and don't be surprised if there are multiple lead changes in the second half of this game.
Loren – Kansas City. I think resting their starters last week was a good idea. They earned the trip and couldn’t impact their seeding with a win. This means most of the offensive and defensive first units are going to be rested and healthy. KC needs that defense to get back some early season mojo and their offense to control the clock. I think they do both.

New Orleans at Philadelphia. The Saints are just a different team on the road then at home. Add in winter conditions and the need to run you just have to go with the Eagles. 
Derek - Philadelphia.
Loren – Philadelphia. It’s cold, and that favors the team that can run. That ain’t the Saints. I don’t see the Saints being capable of sustained drives without dropped balls, fumbles, wind-forced errors, etc.

San Diego at Cincinnati
Derek - Cincinnati. The Bengals have the D and home field. The only thing they don't have is a QB who is consistent. But hey just throw a jump ball to AJ Green and that should be enough.
Loren – Cincinnati. If you’re the Chargers and you barely beat the Chiefs’ second stringers last week, how positive are you feeling about your team right now? I always give Rivers a puncher’s chance, but Cincy has the talent on both sides to make life miserable for the Chargers.

San Francisco at Green Bay
Derek - San Francisco. Not sure why I'm picking the 49ers other than they're the better team. Sounds strange but that might not be enough. On the road and Rodgers is back, the Pack could go deep.
Loren – San Francisco. It makes me really nervous taking San Francisco after the Superman routine Rodgers pulled last week. Should you ever count Rodgers out? Well, San Francisco has a top-shelf defense, so they’ve got that going for them. Kaepernick can run circles around the Packers’ D, too. This is the Niners game for the taking.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

NFL Week 17 Picks

The regular season comes to an end and so do Loren's chances of winning this season. Including this week and the playoffs there are only 17 games left. As of now my lead stands at 21. 64-31-1 to 43-50-1.

New York Jets at Miami
Derek - Miami. Fingers crossed, but it would be like the worthless Jets to knock the Fins out of the playoffs.
Loren - Miami. Putting this one in to make Derek happy. Yes, the Dolphins make the playoffs!

Baltimore at Cincinnati
Derek - Cincinnati. The Bengals are the better team and have something to play for. AJ Green will have a monster day.
Loren - Cincinnati. Baltimore has been inconsistent and the pressure is on. This feels like a Flacco choke job. 

Green Bay at Chicago
Derek - Chicago. I think the Bears are playing better right now and I'm going with Forte to get the Bears to the playoffs.
Loren - Green Bay. Rodgers' return gives Green Bay the lift they need and Cutler...well, he's Cutler.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans
Derek - New Orleans. Over matched. No way the Saints lose this one.
Loren - New Orleans. Will Tampa keep the Saints out of the playoffs? No.

San Francisco at Arizona
Derek - Arizona. The Cards have more on the line here. I'm thinking they're gonna pull out all the stops.
Loren - San Francisco. I think SF finds their mojo at the right time, becomes the nasty team no one wants to face in the playoffs.

St. Louis at Seattle
Derek - Seattle. The Rams are a decent team but Seattle is better and need the win.
Loren - Seattle. The Seahawks have stumbled lately, but they're still a formidable team and light years ahead of the Rams. The NFC West crown is theirs. 

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

NFL Week 16 Picks

Both Loren and I went 3-3 last week so I maintained my 19 game lead. In fact this week I let my brother-in-law make my picks. 60-29-1 to 41-46-1.

Indianapolis at Kansas City
Derek - Kansas City. The brother-in-law is a Chief fan so that pretty much sums up this one.
Loren - Kansas City. The Colts have already clinched their crappy division. The Chiefs are still fighting for the AFC West and a number one seed. The Colts have alternated wins and losses for the past 7 weeks. Guess which result they're due for.

Dallas at Washington
Derek - Dallas. Cause Kirk Cousins sucks was the answer I got on this one.
Loren - Washington. Being so far in the hole means I can make heart instead of head picks. I hope Dallas gets embarrassed. That is all.

New Orleans at Carolina
Derek - Carolina. Cause Carolina's defense is really good.
Loren - New Orleans. They already showed up Carolina 31-13 at home. That gets in your head. Until I see the Panthers play the Saints like they mean business, gotta take the Saints.

New York Giants at Detroit
Derek - New York Giants. Because the Giants can't keep sucking every week.
Loren -  Detroit. Must win game for Detroit to try to salvage the season. They know Chicago is playing a tough game against Philly and a win for them combined with a Chicago loss leaves the division up for grabs. I think they get it done at home, then promptly puke all over the place in the final week.

Arizona at Seattle
Derek - Seattle. Cause Seattle is really good.
Loren - Seattle. Best team in the NFC playing at home? No brainer, right? Arizona is a tough team and they played Seattle close earlier in the year. Defensive struggles are usually fun to watch, but I'm looking forward to this one.

Chicago at Philadelphia
Derek - Philadelphia. Cause Cutler is inconsistent and Shady McCoy won't lose. And He needs Desean Jackson to do well for his fantasy team.
Loren - Philadelphia. I like the Eagles at home. Plus, it would have the added bonus of further burying the Cowboys and making the NFC North really interesting in the final week.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

NFL Week 15 picks

Another bad week for Loren. I got 5 of 6 and he only managed a 2 our of 4 record for the week.  57-26-1 to 38-43-1.

Washington at Atlanta
Derek - Atlanta. The Washington team looks to be in shambles, do they even care anymore? I'll take the home dome team that it at least healthy.
Loren - Washington. It's the battle of broken expectations! Kirk Cousins gives Washington a lift and perpetuates the Falcons' misery.

Seattle at New York Giants
Derek - Seattle. I don't like taking teams traveling across country but this seems to be a miss match at every step. Will the Seahawks score 2 or 3 TDs on Defense?
Loren - Seattle. It's a long trip east, but Seattle shouldn't struggle too much against the Giants. It might be cringe inducing watching Eli throw into the teeth of Seattle's secondary.

New York Jets at Carolina
Derek - Carolina. Ugh. Why do we keep putting Jets games on here?
Loren - Carolina. Can the Panthers recover from a pasting last week? Well, they're playing the Jets, so....

Green Bay at Dallas
Derek - Dallas. This might have signaled a white flag for the Pack. I think the Cowboys bounce back and put up some points on the Green Bay D.
Loren - Dallas. As much as I hate to say it, I have to go Dallas. Home field advantage, no Rodgers, another week further away from the playoffs for the Packers.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Derek - Cincinnati. The Bengals are out to show everyone that this is their division and they should continue a roll against an over the hill Steelers team.
Loren - Cincinnati. Pittsburgh made a nice run weeks 10 through 12, looking like they might turn the season around. Losses the last two weeks have buried them, though, and Cincinnati will make it three losses in a row.

Baltimore at Detroit
Derek - Detroit. The Lions offense should bounce back and you can't expect the Ravens to keep  up.
Loren - Baltimore. This game should be very interesting. Detroit has lost 3 of 4, Baltimore has won 4 of 5 but they're playing on the road. I have a feeling things are coming together for Baltimore right now while injuries and questions are piling up for Detroit.

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

NFL Week 14 picks

Well Loren went for the gusto last week picking 4 games differently than I did. Unfortunately for him I picked all the games correctly. 52-25-1 to 36-39-1.

Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Derek - Cincinnati. Tough one here, but I think I'll go with the more consistent team playing at home with a better defense.
Loren - Indianapolis. Well, why not?

Detroit at Philadelphia
Derek - Philadelphia. Nick Foles has been a monster lately and the Lions are too up and down. 
Loren - Detroit. Should be a slugfest. Going with the team that has more depth and better D. 

Tennessee at Denver
Derek - Denver. Don't think the Titans can keep up with the Broncos both running or passing.
Loren - Denver. I don't see this being a cakewalk for the Broncos. The Titans pass defense is great. Not saying it will be enough, obviously.

Seattle at San Francisco
Derek - San Francisco. Not sure why but I'm going with the 49ers here. I think they are really gunning for the Seahawks after their first encounter this season. The home field advantage is what I'm betting on.
Loren - Seattle. With Wilson and the defense riding high after last week's demolishing of New Orleans, I'm thinking they carry that momentum on the road. 

Carolina at New Orleans
Derek - New Orleans. What's the one thing the Saints don't do? That's right, they don't lose at home. The Panthers have won a bunch of games in a row, but there have been a lot of close ones there, sign of a good team or a team on the edge?
Loren - Carolina. The Saints are smarting from the beating in Seattle and they get no relief from the Panthers. Newton is in the same mold as Wilson but even more dangerous with his legs.

Dallas at Chicago
Derek - Dallas. Who's the Bears QB? That's right McCown. There you go.
Loren - Chicago. Home team in a viciously cold game. Romo freezes up. 

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NFL Week 13 picks

Wow what a bad week for both Loren and I we put up 1-4-1 records. 46-25-1 to 34-35-1.

Green Bay at Detroit
Derek - Detroit. The Packers don't look too good right now and are relying on Matt Flynn. While he can be good you can't rely on the guy. The Lions have a bad loss this last week but you know they can explode at any min.
Loren - Detroit. The Lions have burned me lately, but I think they right the ship against the short-handed Packers. Early in the season this would have been one of the games most looked forward to. Now you just hope it doesn't stink up Thanksgiving.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore
Derek - Baltimore. The Steelers are playing better and the Ravens look old and well...bad. Why am I taking them? Still think they're better than Pit.
Loren - Pittsburgh. Can't trust either team this year and I've got a lot of ground to make up. Why not take the coin flip?

Tennessee at Indianapolis
Derek - Indianapolis. I think Indy leaned something from their rough stretch and part of that is how to beat the Titans, make them pass. No comeback needed here 
Loren - Tennessee. Great matchup. Struggling Colts against revived Titans. If the Colts can't get anything going on the ground, the Titans excellent secondary will sit back in coverage make life hell for what's left of the Colts passing attack. This feels like Titans get revenge for the 3 point loss to Indy 2 weeks ago.

Arizona at Philadelphia
Derek - Philadelphia. Tough one, but I'm going with the home team. We'll see if the Cards can keep putting up big numbers. 
Loren - Arizona. Another winnable road game this week. Of course, that probably means the Cards will lay an egg after a long road trip. However, if their D plays up to their standards, I wouldn't trust the Eagles to put up considerable points against them.

Denver at Kansas City
Derek - Denver. Lots of revenge here. KC's loss to Denver two weeks ago. KC's melt down last week to San Diego. Denver's melt down last week to the Pats. Whatever it is, this is most likely for the division and to get a first round bye in the playoffs. Lots at stake and I'll take Manning over Smith.
Loren - Denver. Will there be a huge hangover from the epic meltdown in Foxboro? A loss like that can scar a team. I don't think Manning lets the team dwell on it. They come out and put a smack down on their only worthy division foe, essentially wrapping up the AFC West.

New Orleans at Seattle
Derek - Seattle. Really hard to go against Seattle at home. In fact that's my deciding factor.
Loren - New Orleans. Seattleites (Seattleans? Seattlers?) will hate me for this, but I don't think the Seahawks vaunted pass defense has really been tested yet. I think they're extremely good, but I'm not sure they're ready for the different level the Saints bring. Yeah, Seattle will get big chunks of yards on the ground, but can they keep up the scoring pace the entire game? I don't think they can.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

NFL Week 12 Picks

No ground gained or lost last week as we both with 4-2. 45-21 to 33-31.

Minnesota at Green Bay
Derek - Green Bay. The Vikings just don't look good right now and even with the Packs QB issues you have to think they're the far better team. As long as Green Bay's D can slow down AP they should be ok.
Loren - Green Bay. I really wanted to take Minnesota here, but the problem is they suck. Their already mediocre (and that's being generous) defense will be short-handed in the middle of the field. Green Bay gets to skate by another week.

San Diego at Kansas City
Derek - Kansas City. The Chiefs D is too good for a Chargers team that keeps getting worse and worse on offense.
Loren - Kansas City. This will be a good bounce back game for KC. Rivers should freeze in the cold weather and KC gets to look toward a Denver rematch and a first place game next week.

Indianapolis at Arizona
Derek - Arizona. People are not giving enough respect to the Cards and this is a home game against a very up and down Colts team. I'll take the team with the better D at home.
Loren - Indianapolis. Okay, some of the shine is gone from the Colts, but they're facing a team that can't take advantage of their weaknesses. Arizona's insistence on using Mendenhall instead of Ellington keeps one of their most explosive players off the field. The Colts should be able to throw it all day long. 

Dallas at New York Giants
Derek - New York Giants. Look at that the NFLs worst division has let a team in the hunt that started off 0-6. And for that reason alone I'll take the Giants. Lets get crazy in the East.
Loren - New York Giants. The Giants have won four in a row and are in the hunt in the NFC East, primarily because the NFC East sucks. Of course, this is the kind of game both teams like to lose, so who knows?

Denver at New England
Derek - Denver. While the Pats look better lately they still don't seem like they can stop the elite teams and I think the Broncos are one of if not the best teams in the league. 
Loren - Denver. If we're picking against the spread, I'm taking NE. This is going to be a cold, cold game and I have a feeling the Broncos will try to exploit NE's run defense. That could make for a close, low scoring game. Still, Denver is the better teams this year, but I'm always nervous taking Manning on a trip to Foxboro.

San Francisco at Washington
Derek - This match up has made a turn for the meh instead of oooh! Anyway I don't like taking teams traveling across country and losing like they haven't done in a few years. And we'll say that RG3 has to have a good one. 
Loren - San Francisco. Battle of what might have been? Both teams haven't performed to expectations this year, but it's clear SF is the better team. RGIII always gives you a chance, but they could find themselves down early forcing Griffin to throw. That plays right into SF's strength. I see an ugly night for Washington.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Real quick USC vs. Stanford thoughts

Interesting game tonight with huge PAC-12 implications. Just some quick thoughts.

  1. This is why I can't bring myself to say Stanford is an elite team. Sure they're very good and seem to have figured the Ducks out, but they lose to teams they shouldn't every year. This year Utah and USC, last year Notre Dame (say what you will, but Stanford should have won that game) and Washington.
    1. Again this is what makes the Oregon losses that much more frustrating.
  2. When was the last time you saw people storming the Colosseum field? Act like you've been there, but then again I guess the current students haven't been there before. It doesn't really matter but just an interesting site.

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NFL Week 11 Picks

What's this you say? Loren actually picked up a game on me last week. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! 41-19 to 29-29. Who you got this week?

Baltimore at Chicago
Derek - Chicago. Cutler has a game under his belt now after coming back from injury, he'll play it somewhat safe and let Forte do the work. The Bears will win bu double digits.
Loren - Chicago. Baltimore picked up a nice win last week, but shouldn't we be expecting that every week from the defending champs? Chicago is a tough place to play and as long as the Bear's offense limits mistakes, they'll send the Ravens home in a further AFC North hole.

New York Jets at Buffalo
Derek - Buffalo. EJ Manual should be back and they'll hope that fantasy football bust CJ Spiller will have a good game to go with "Back up" Fred Jackson. They should control the ball and I think the D will do more than enough to limit Geno and the Jets.
Loren - NY Jets. The Bills are terrible against the run, which just so happens to be the Jets strong suit. Worse for the Bills, two of their starting WRs are out, so Manual will have to do more with less. The Jets are coming off a bye week and bringing a top shelf run D against a corps of banged up backs. I don't think Buffalo has a prayer.

Washington at Philadelphia
Derek - Philadelphia. The Eagles will keep up the offensive machine they have going on and I don't think Washington's D will be able to kink in their plans.
Loren - Philadelphia. This sure feels like one of those games the Eagles inexplicably drop. RGIII has 6 TDs against 3 INTs over his last four and he looked comfortable taking off down the field last week against the Vikings. Unfortunately for Washington, their pass D is terrible and Foles is going to have a field day.

Detroit at Pittsburgh
Derek - Detroit. I think the Lions will have a field day at Pittsburgh. Their run they'll pass and make dump mistakes, but still win by 14+.
Loren - Detroit. Even though the Steelers are 3-2 since their bye week, their defense just isn't the same rock steady Steelers D we expect. Oddly, they've performed well against opposing QBs but are getting shredded on the ground. You could see a lot of 1-2 punches with Bush and Bell today.

Kansas City at Denver
Derek - Denver. The Chiefs seem to find a way to win each week but I don't think they have what it takes on the offensive side of the ball to keep up with the Broncos. 
Loren - Denver. Haven't been sold on KC all year, but they still keep winning. Their level of competition goes up over the next few weeks beginning with this trip to Denver. It looks like Manning isn't bothered by the ankle injury, Moreno has really stepped up, and you have to pick your poison between the receivers and the TEs. I just don't think KC is ready for the onslaught.

New England at Carolina
Derek - New England. Big game for the Panthers. They can make a huge playoff run off this game, but I don't think we'll see it. I think we're discounting the 7-3 Pats too much and now that Gronk is back I'd expect the whold O to really come around.
Loren - Carolina. The Panthers started slow but they've gone on a tear, showing they can win defensive battles as well as shootouts. That D is scary and I don't see any indication that NE can slow the run. That means more time for Cam in the pocket and more open lanes to take off down the field. This will be a nice statement win on the home field for Carolina.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Crazy Blazer bets

It's the better late than ever Crazy Blazer Bets. As a recap we make predictions related to the Blazers that are so far fetched that if anyone of them were to actually happen you'd be willing to pay $5 to the person who made that prediction. As always please feel free to add your predictions to the bottom, of course you're not eligible for the cash.

Derek – Robin Lopez will score 50 points in a game.

Loren - Robin Lopez will be the NBA defensive player of the year.

Philipp - Damian Lillard will score 200 points in a 5 consecutive game period.

Ryan - Will Barton wins 6th man of the year..

Carlos – Robin Lopez gets more All Star votes than Brooke Lopez.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

NFL Week 10 Picks

Loren and I both went 3-3 this week. So my lead stays at 13. 37-17 to 24-28.

Seattle at Atlanta
Derek - Seattle. I don't like taking teams that have to travel across country but the Falcons are just terrible right now and I don't see their offense coming around on the Seahawks D. If Seattle gets their head out of their butts and runs the ball with Lynch 2/3 of the times they'll win easy.
Loren - Seattle. It's troublesome that the Seahawks will be playing an early game on the other side of the country. This looks, feels, smells like a trap game. So why am I picking Seattle still. No faith in Atlanta's ability to play consistently.

Detroit at Chicago
Derek - Chicago. Cutlers back and I think they'll be able to slow down the Lions offense. Hope we get a high scoring game here but I'll go with the home team. 
Loren - Detroit. I really hope this is a barn burner. Chicago at home with a nothing-to-lose QB slinging it around? Could be disaster for Detroit. Still, all things considered, Detroit has more weapons and Stafford doesn't usually get rattled.

Philadelphia at Green Bay
Derek - Green Bay. The Eagles are too up and down this season. I'm not sure who's waling through that door. The pack even without Rodgers I know what I'm getting including a good D.
Loren - Philadelphia. Not sure whether to start Eddie Lacy in FFB. Teams are going to stack the box dog pile him. Green Bay's offense has to show me another dimension with Seneca Wallace holding the reigns before I'll feel comfortable picking them.

Houston at Arizona
Derek - Arizona. Houston still has to prove to me that they can score consistently and I thin the Cards have a solid D that will make the difference in this game.
Loren - Houston. How happy is Andre Johnson? Someone who can finally get him the ball where he can do some damage. Foster being out isn't that big a deal. Tate is a premium RB stuck behind a premium RB. On any other team he's an every down runner. Arizona can't run the ball so they'll have to throw and that plays right into the strength of the Texans.

Denver at San Diego
Derek - Denver. Rivers could have a huge day, but I'm not betting against the Denver, they still seems to be working well on offense and they're coming off a bye.
Loren - Denver. Of course I'm taking Denver. I expect this to be a challenge though. The Bronco's secondary hasn't pulled it together yet. Coverage consistently breaks down on passes 15-20 yards down the middle and god help them if there's a one-on-one long down the side. But the Broncos are rested, healthy and still the most dangerous offense in the league.

Dallas at New Orleans
Derek - New Orleans. The Saints at home is usually enough to win most games and their D this year has shown that it's pretty darn good. A bounce back game against an inconsistent team is in the cards.
Loren - New Orleans. If the Saints can stop the Cowboys on the ground (which hasn't been difficult to do this year), their excellent secondary can sit back and wait for Romo to make mistakes. On the other side, the Saints have the fifth most passing yards going against the second worst pass defense in the league. Are you ready for Romo-face?

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

NFL Week 9 Picks

Both Loren and I went 4-2 last week so not ground gained or lost. 34-14 to 21-25.

Minnesota at Dallas
Derek - Dallas. The Viks are a bad team right now. Ponder going again? Ok, so Dallas loads up on the run ans tops AP enough to pull out the win.
Loren - Dallas. The cowboys screwed me last weekend giving up a late touchdown to Detroit. AP may run all day but until they get a live body at QB, defenses will stack the line.

Philadelphia at Oakland
Derek - Oakland. East coast team traveling. The Oakland D should be good enough to hold Philly up and I think we'll see another strong rushing game from the Raiders.
Loren - Oakland. This is one of those games I'd take the home team, whoever that happens to be. The Raiders are getting better every week while Philly is coming off two embarrassing losses to division foes. 

Tennessee at St. Louis
Derek - St. Louis. Despite the INTs Clemens through I liked how they ran the ball. I can see the St. Louis D holding up at home.
Loren - Tennessee. Clemens. Yikes.

Indianapolis at Houston
Derek - Indianapolis. This should have been a big game at the beginning of the year but the Texans have stunk it up and are relying on a third stringer. Indy should not have a tough one here.
Loren - Indianapolis. The Texans can hope their excellent pass defense keeps Luck in check. Unfortunately, they'll struggle on the other side of the ball against Indy's run D. I don't think this will be a pretty game, but Indy has a better idea how to use their weapons.

Pittsburgh at New England
Derek - New England. The Pats don't look great, but the Steelers look bad. Last weeks lost to the Raiders has to hurt, and you can see the Steelers trying to make a last stand, unfortunately we know how those turn out.
Loren - Pittsburgh. This one is just a hunch. It feels like the Steelers identity is starting to come together. The Pats aren't as intimidating as years past and they're a patched together team right now. If the Steelers throw Bell at them to the tune of 25-30 carries, I think the Pats cave.

Chicago at Green Bay
Derek - Green Bay. No cutler no chance to keep up with the Green Bay.
Loren - Green Bay. Chicago is schizophrenic. They can't decide if they're actually a good team. That makes it tough for us to decide, too. When in doubt, take the Pack at home.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

NFL Week 8 picks

It's like clock work another 4-2 week for me gives me a bigger lead on Loren after he went 0-6. 30-12 to 17-23.
Miami at New England
Derek - New England. I'd love to pick Miami here but I think they're headed for their 4th loss in a row. They haven't beaten the Pats since the Wildcat days.
Loren - New England. Even though the Jets legitimately beat the Pats last week, I don't see Miami going into Foxboro and doing the same. Brady doesn't lose often, and back to back losses are even rarer.
Dallas at Detroit
Derek - Detroit. If Dallas can only score 17 on Philly I don't see how they out score Detoit. Look for Bush to have a big game.
Loren - Dallas. Neither team has anything to crow about this year. But Dallas is both scoring more and allowing fewer scores than the Lions. I don't think Dallas is a good team. I think they're the better team.
New York Giants at Philadelphia
Derek - Philadelphia. I picked NY last week since they were playing a bad team, this week they're on the road playing a decent team. Yeah I'll go with the Eagles. They have a lot of scoring to catch up on after last week's 3 points.
Loren - NY Giants. Picked against them last week and they get their first win. Pick them this week and their liable to lose again. However, you can see signs that the team is clicking. Eli's picks have been largely the fault of the receivers, but they're getting on the same page.
Pittsburgh at Oakland
Derek - Pittsburgh. Ugh tough one. I think Oakland is ok, and they have a major home field advatage here, but the Steelers are playing better and this would be a classic no one believes in us games.
Loren - Oakland. I still think Oakland is better than people give them credit for, and Pryor is a big part of that. He's far surpassed my expectations this year. Home crowd, a weakened Pittsburgh team, and a mobile QB spells opportunity for the Raiders.
Atlanta at Arizona
Derek - Arizona. The Cards have a solid team their just in a tough division, they get a nice homefield advantage and the Falcons are still beat up.
Loren - Atlanta. I don't care how far west Atlanta has to travel, they're still a better team than the Cardinals.
Seattle at St. Louis
Derek - Seattle. St. Louis is starting Kellen Clemons, he'll have a tough day against this D.
Loren - Seattle. St. Louis is a dangerous team, depending on the week you get them. Seattle is just better across the board and it feel like Wilson is itching for a week to turn it loose.

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